• Proposal Activity Tracking
• Bid Tracking and Listing
• MS Outlook Integration
• Document Template Design
• Offer Cover Letter and Condition Creation
• Opportunity to Use Product Cards within Offer Usage
• Creation and Storage of Bid-Related Files
• Creating a Product Set
• Output in Pdf, Word, Excel and Jpg formats
• Bid Analysis
• Listing in Different Colors According to Offer Status
• Company and Product Tracking
• Internet Supported Currency Management

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DocMaster Proposal Software;
It is a software product that details the communication between the buyer and the seller in product/goods purchase and sale transactions and presents offers in computer environment.

With the Doc Master Software, processes such as tracking the works, keeping them under record, and evaluating the proposals are carried out through a single program.

With this software, which allows you to share all kinds of information and document breakdowns with your customers during the proposal stages, you can achieve a quality position in your working life. You can get rid of file pollution and follow the whole process through a single program.

With the DocMaster Offer Program, you can manage all kinds of domestic and international offers in accordance with your working principle. With the Offer Program, which provides you with a centralized control facility, you can offer better quality and practical services in your business life.

With your new setup request, you save time by transferring your previous stock cards and current list to the offer program. If you wish, you can use an FTP Server area on your server to use product images from this area and display them in the documents you produce.

You can provide template conversions for exporting companies such as Proposal Form, Proforma Invoice, Commercial Invoice, Packing List.
Our expert team will help you with the template design, and you will be able to produce the documents you want with one click.

Produce documents suitable for your purpose using Alternative Offer Templates.
Add pictures and tables to the technical specifications of the product cards, user guide, installation guide, etc., and it will appear in your offer automatically.
With DocMaster, you can get your product cards in bulk from the excel environment, you can find a more robust product card structure by detecting duplicate product codes thanks to its advanced registration tools.
You can save time without entering data one by one thanks to the feature of taking product images in bulk.
If you wish, the Offer Program automatically receives and uses the product images that you put on the FTP Server.
You can add ready-made documents such as specification, installation user guide, etc. related to the Product Cards to the product cards, and deliver them to your customer during the offer submission.
Use your proposal documents by adding a link to your proposal. If you wish, you can attach your contract or agreement documents that you have prepared in Word or PDF format to your offer. With the Bid Program auto-fill technology, you can create an automatic document by identifying the fields to be filled in our textual documents, and send this document to your customer with the offer. If you wish, you can convert this file to pdf and word formats.

Make the business follow-up processes of the documents you produce from your Offer Program. Whether you follow the process or update its status, you can follow it on a single screen without getting tired.
Make different currency offers with Online Currency Downloader.
Add the columns suitable for your needs such as number, text, date, check box to the proposal preparation list.
Produce documents by using the fields you added in the report template, and use them by making special calculations in the same form.
For example, produce and track documents suitable for your purpose by using fields such as shipment date, order date, shipping date, shipment amount, width, height.
Apart from the template design, you can make an account using special formulas on the Home screen. For example, you can create a suitable template for yourself before the Bid template by opening the Cost column and putting a formula in it. Or if you want a calculation such as Width x Height x Width x Unit Price, we can write the script code and prepare it for you.
Keep track of which user has done which action in the past regarding your document, as a date.
Follow the changes after the first registration. Reach previous prices by revising offers. Follow up by increasing the revision number without increasing the proposal number.
See the sales status with the Bid Analysis form Monthly Pivot Table, export to excel file. Get a 12-month pivot table report based on Product Code, Product Name, Product Group, Project Name, Customer, Product Brand, Product Model, Customer Group.
You can adapt the proposal statuses to your workflow and follow them by coloring them according to their importance.
Create Cover Letters and Conditions according to the needs of the document to be produced, save these conditions and Cover letters as Templates, prepare a professional proposal.
Convert your Quote or Invoice ..etc documents to PDF, JGEP, DOC and XLX formats with one click and send them immediately via Outlook. Get your busy bid submission jobs done with one click.
Manage the developments and special notes of your Proposals and Documents without using a complex CRM Program. DocMaster allows you to save private notes of the documents you created. Even if you’re not at the office, your colleague will pick up where you left off. Your boss sees the submitted offers and customer activities from the Offer List. Follow your work easily and pleasantly without drowning in the CRM program.
With one click, Ms. Send to Excel. If you want, you can copy and paste the quotes in the Excel file into DocMaster.
Create documents such as Business Confidentiality Agreement, Employment Agreement ..etc in DocMaster. DocMaster automatically creates your documents for you in the logic of Mail Merge.
When you want to send the created documents via MS Outlook, it automatically converts them to PDF files and allows you to deliver them to your customer as an attached file with your offer.
DocMaster converts your proposal to PDF, Word, Excel and JPG formats with one click. You can save these files to your computer if you want, or add them to the “New Post” message with the option to send via MS Outlook via the offer program.
DocMaster helps you produce documents suitable for your purpose with a rich variety of document templates. If you want more original template designs, our customer representatives can design for you on the Template design screen.
With DocMaster’s Advanced Template Design Interface, you can design very specific templates.

Sample Proposal Templates

Download DocMaster Software